Changelog 03


Save months of development time by implementing Dots Flows. Flows handle complex tasks like onboarding, collecting tax information and saving payout information. Flows consist of various steps that can be chained together to create your desired flow. For example, onboard users by having them them fill out their SSN, address and date of birth, then have them connect their bank account through Plaid. Once onboarded, payouts can be made through the API or pre-authenticated flows with just the payout step. Have a look at the docs to learn more here.

Auto Payout

User's can now set their default payout method and enable auto payouts. Any money sent the user that brings their balance above a threshold will trigger a payout to their desired method.

Multi-app Support

You can now create multiple apps to logically separate different aspects of your business. Have one app for your marketplace sellers, and another one for your contractors! Each app will have its own API keys and permissions.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added app approval email
  • Added support for custom payout link delivery message (can be updated in settings)
  • Added Plaid oAuth
  • Added automatic catching of PayPal and Venmo payout issues
  • Added Venmo Handle support
  • Fixed payout reversals being marked as not withdrawable
  • Fixed international bank account payouts
  • Fixed OTP issues
  • Fixed UI bug on "Payouts" page
  • Various security fixes