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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 curl https://api.dots.dev/api/v2/payouts/send-payout \ -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Basic <TOKEN>" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "amount": 1000, "payee": { "country_code": "1", "phone_number": "5555555555" } }'

Let Dots Handle the Hard Part

Build Digital Wallets directly into your platform with ease.

Create a new and efficient way to pay your users. With Dots, you can embed a digital wallet system that transforms how you complete payouts and how recipients manage money. Instead of sending funds directly to a bank, your user base can grow their balance in their digital wallet, manage transactions, and cash out on their own terms.

Eliminate the common hurdles of modern digital payments. Whether you're transferring funds to marketplace sellers or paying independent contractors and freelancers for completed projects, Dots gives you options for controlling distributions. Provide access to a secure digital wallet, and let Dots handle the complexities of moving and managing money. With the Dots digital wallet, all your users have to do is watch their money smoothly roll in.

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  • Mutiple payout options

    Multiple Payout Rails

    Let users withdraw funds through many different payout rails with one integration.

  • Embedded digital wallet

    Wallet to Wallet transfers and Ledgering

    User Dots to move funds between wallets and track users balance with one simple API.

  • Complex payment infrastructure

    Drop-in Components

    Write a minimal integration using Dots Flows to embed wallets into your platform through our customizable iFrames.

  • Multi-channel payments

    Access to BaaS with minor changes.

    Upgrade your digital wallets to a full Banking as a Service implementation allowing you to create bank accounts and issue debit cards.

Own Your Own Payment Ecosystem With Accounting-Grade Ledgering

Why embed a digital wallet? There are many benefits. First, embedding a digital wallet gives you the chance to create your own payment ecosystem. Keep money inside the box and give your users the tools and capabilities they need to manage their money on their own terms. Dots is all about flexibility and simplicity. When you take third-party service providers out of the immediate equation, the matter of how you complete transactions is in your and your recipients’ hands.

Give payees the ultimate flexibility in where they send their money. Instead of dealing with the logistics of processing transactions on each payout date, send funds into a digital wallet that they can access immediately. No more waiting or worrying–users can see their balance in real time. Best of all, they can control what happens next. Whether they decide to keep the funds in the wallet or move it elsewhere, Dots is there to facilitate any transfers quickly and efficiently.

The beauty of having a digital wallet is transparency and easy record-keeping. With the Dots API, you’ll have access to robust ledger tools. Viewing individual line items and monetary transactions lets your members see where their payout comes from, providing a big-picture view of their payment. This high level of transparency allows your users to develop lasting trust in business, which can significantly improve brand loyalty and subsequent growth.

Closed-Loop System to Seamlessly Move and Transfer Fundss

A digital wallet with the Dots API establishes a closed-loop payment system. Funds go directly into the wallet without leaving your business, cutting out the need for third-party providers and external processors. The money remains in the loop until your recipients are ready to transfer it out of the digital wallet and into their bank account or mobile payment service.

What are the benefits of a closed-loop money management system? Payouts become trackable and more efficient without external processors.Third-party processors come with their own particular hurdles. Many have unnecessary restrictions and confusing limitations that both your business and users must follow.

With a closed-loop system and an embedded digital wallet, the money you pay to contractors, freelancers, and sellers does not leave your company until a user is ready. It stays within your business, allowing money to move seamlessly and reliably without delays. With Dots, you can transfer funds and provide immediate access on payout dates. From there, wallet holders can use their balance to take care of fees, make purchases on your platform, and more. The digital wallet features encourage more transactions within the closed loop, facilitating more efficient money management across the board.

Skip the Manual Process of Adding Multiple Payout Methods

Adding new payment processors is always a plus. It can be a substantial boon to business, leading to more conversion and increased revenue. You’re casting a much wider net for your users when you offer more options. There’s just one problem: Adding new processors typically requires heaps of coding work. But that’s not the case with Dots.

Our API is all about efficiency, which also applies to back-end development. Dots gives users and payment recipients more options while letting you skip loads of manual work. Adding new payment processors is a cinch, and it doesn’t require days of additional coding and figuring out complex money flows. Take advantage of the benefits while leaving the manual work to Dots.<p>

White-Labeled Integration With Many Payout Methods

Here’s where the Dots API truly shines: white-labeled integration. An embedded digital wallet offers a quick and seamless way to move money. But at some point, users will want to transfer their balance outside your platform. When that time comes, Dots makes it super easy, thanks to flexible integrations.

Choose white-label integrations that work for your user base’s specific needs. The back-end details of the API are simple. We built it to work seamlessly from day one, and it only takes 10 minutes to start implementing. The out-of-the-box nature of our API lets you deploy various payment methods without the headache that usually arises from providing customers with greater financial flexibility.

Typically, each payment processor would have distinct money flows and separate processes. Pair that with the administrative work involved with each processor, and you’re looking at an unnecessarily confusing and complex process–the reason why many businesses only provide a limited option for its users.

Dots simplifies flexible payment processing. Take advantage of all popular payment methods like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and more. Traditional methods such as wire transfers, automated clearing house (ACH), debit cards, and real-time payment (RTP) bank transfers are also well-supported. We also plan to incorporate crypto payments in the future.

Implement the payment rails you want and put the power in users’ hands. With more options comes greater accessibility. Work with a broader group of contractors and sellers as your business and platforms grow. When you need to transfer money out of your embedded digital wallet, you can do it all on the unified Dots API.

Get Started With Dots

Try a new way to move money, complete payouts, and keep your users happy. The Dots API is a feature-rich solution that alleviates the many hurdles that come with sending payments. The embedded digital wallet is a unique solution that keeps everything in the box until account holders are ready to facilitate a transfer. It’s another layer of flexibility that presents more options than ever before.

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your business, turn to Dots. Our API is your secure alternative to manual processing. Free up resources, save time, and send money as quickly as possible. Schedule your Dots demonstration today and see the digital wallet in action.


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