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Dots and Everee are two unique payout platforms that make moving money a breeze. Great for everything from marketplace websites to gig-working networks, these platforms streamline how you facilitate payments. They can dramatically improve your workflow and simplify how you send and receive money.

But which one is best? While similar, these platforms offer wildly different features that could shape the customer and contractor experience.

Instantly Send and Receive Online Payments

In the battle of Dots vs. Everee, Dots is a clear winner regarding how you can send and receive money. Everee can streamline how you pay everyone from contract gig workers to door-to-door salespeople. But it's far less flexible than Dots.

The Dots API is a great solution for sending and receiving money. Everee doesn't have any features devoted to receiving funds from customers. It's strictly payout-focused.

As a result, Dots is an inherently more versatile alternative that can serve a wider range of use cases. For example, it's the go-to for marketplace platforms needing to collect money from buyers before sending a share to sellers. It's also suitable for class action lawsuits, music royalties, esports competitions and more. The sky's the limit!

With Dots, you get full control over how you move money. Best of all, the API unifies everything into a single platform. That means no more tracking down invoices, having separate workflows for different payment channels or spending hours doing everything manually.

Integrate With Many Payment Processors Including Adyen, PayPal, ACH and More

Another reason why Dots is better than competitors is that you can easily work with several payment processors without complicated workarounds. Everee makes it easy to send money quickly. But here's the thing: You can only send funds to an Everee debit card. You can do that with Dots, too, using a white-label digital wallet. But that option isn't the best for all your payout recipients.

Fortunately, flexibility is the name of the game with Dots. Through a single platform, you can send and receive money through multiple methods. Give your customers and contractors a choice in how they move money. With Dots, you can send funds directly to a bank account or use popular fintech platforms like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and more.

That freedom is game-changing. Not only will it keep your contractors happy, but it can also open the floodgates to more conversions from customers.

No Cumbersome Apps and Restricted Payout Options

Everee has an app that allows you to manage your payroll to contractors. Dots skips that in favor of an efficient, minimal-code API. The API integrates well with your existing system while adding more control than ever before.

One of the best things about the Dots API is that it eliminates the frustrating restrictions of working with several payment processors. Typically, you'd have to establish distinct workflows and implement coding for each processor you use. With Dots, that's not the case. The API removes those restrictions and provides ultimate flexibility for you and your payout recipients.

Automate Global Payouts for Contractors and 1099 Workers

When paying global contractors, you need a payout platform to handle the job efficiently. Dots is a better alternative to Everee if you need to send money worldwide. Several limitations exist because you can only send funds to an Everee debit card. Fortunately, those don't exist with Dots.

Dots handles international contractor payouts like a champ, sending money in more than 100 different currencies without complicated logistics. Allow your contractors to choose how they get their payouts, and take advantage of automation to let Dots handle the rest. It's one less thing to worry about, and the ability to send money anywhere can make a substantial difference in your business.

Managed Tax Information Collection And Verification

Don't let taxes hold your business back. In the Dots vs. Everee battle, Dots is a far better platform for tax compliance and reporting. Before you pay recipients, Dots will collect critical information your business needs to comply with local, state, federal and even international regulations.

The Dots platform automates data collection and verification, making it easier for your business to stay above board. Collect W-8BEN and W-8BEN-E forms from international contractors, file 1099 forms with the IRS and get comprehensive reporting to make tax time a cinch. The API even screens information against global watchlists to comply with AML and KYC laws.

Save Time and Money With a Minimal Code Solution

Implementing a payout platform into your operation can be a hassle. But compared to Everee and other competitors, it's far easier to get started. The Dots API requires minimal coding. In most instances, you can get up and running with Dots in only a few days. The support team is there to assist you if necessary. But you'll find that the minimal code solution is hassle-free.

The beauty of Dots is that it doesn't get any more complicated the more payment processors you add. Instead of adding code for every channel you offer payout recipients, let Dots take care of the heavy lifting. It's a lightweight solution that can help your business in many ways, allowing you to save time, money and headaches.

Reduce Drop Offs With Staggered Onboarding

No one likes to go through an hours-long onboarding process. It's common for would-be customers and gig workers to get frustrated and drop out of onboarding entirely.

Everee has a complex onboarding procedure that takes time for businesses and the people they pay. Dots do staggered onboarding. The platform asks for relevant information in different stages. As a result, it feels more manageable and becomes easier for you to keep customers and recipients engaged. Dots delays asking for private information, allowing you to build trust.

Dots also does white labeling and payout links. Setting up recipients is easy, and the fine-tuned procedure helps reduce drop-offs.

Find Out Why Everee's Best Competitor is Dots

Ready to take advantage of everything Dots offers? While Everee can benefit some companies, Dots is clearly the better alternative. Dots wins on every side of the Dots vs. Everee battle, providing a flexible solution that works. The Dots API allows your customers and contractors to get paid on their terms while providing you with a unified platform. It can help your business grow while saving time and money.

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