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    Stay Compliant With Federal and State Regulations

    Avoid the risks and keep your payments above board. Sending money comes with many inherent risks. And considering the complexities and attention needed for class action judgments, all eyes are on your payout processes. With more disbursements to distribute out, there's a greater chance of error.

    The Dots API makes it easy to comply with all state and federal regulations. Skip the complications and let Dots handle the logistics. Before sending out any money, Dots collects all information required for KYC rules, ensuring that you follow anti-money laundering laws to a tee.

    Dots also manages your tax responsibilities. Collect tax data, verify information, and make year-end and tax season processes much more manageable. Whether your recipients receive settlements in USD or live internationally and need payments in another currency, Dots ensures that every disbursement is legal, compliant, and above board.

    • Automatic data collection for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance
    • Straightforward and staggered identify verification for a better user experience
    • Embedded collection features for tax form generation Integrated identity screening
    • Checks recipient information against global watchlists for AML compliance
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    Easily Make International Payments

    Do some of your parties live internationally? Sending payments across borders comes with its own unique challenges. There are specific laws to follow, exchange rates to navigate, distinct payment methods to employ, and other common hurdles that can make global disbursements a challenge. Don't let those obstacles prevent you from successfully complying with class action judgments and getting payments to the appropriate parties.

    With Dots, sending international payouts is a breeze. Gain access to many international payment rails and make things easier for your recipients. Provide options and lift limitations. Whether your parties prefer direct bank transfers, quick access through global services like PayPal, or other foreign methods, Dots can handle it. Turn your international payouts on autopilot. Take care of legal matters, comply with local and foreign regulations, and make class action disbursements as headache-free as possible.

    • Access several international payment rails
    • Provide near-instant payouts with PayPal, Venmo, and more
    • Comply with all AML and KYC regulations
    • Offer payments in more than 100 currencies
    • Get peace of mind with fully trackable confirmation emails
    • Process batch international payouts in only a few clicks
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    Secure and Reliable

    Protect your bottom line while keeping settlement recipients safe. Traditionally, class action lawsuits often involve sending out paper checks en masse. A portion of those checks inevitably gets lost in transit, resulting in lengthy payment delays. While some organizations have started completing electronic payments, lax security measures open up a can of worms for security threats. Leave those worries in the past and keep payouts under digital lock and key.

    Dots offers a safe and secure way to send money where it needs to go. When disbursement recipients provide their information and choose their preferred payment method, the process involves powerful encryption. End-to-end encryption prevents malicious actors from accessing sensitive information, keeping you and your recipients secure. Protect private data and ensure that payouts get into the right hands.

    • Simplified data collection
    • Encrypted payout links and forms
    • Give recipients the power to choose the payout method they're comfortable using
    • Offer quick, easy, and secure access to a digital wallet
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    White-Label Integration With Many Payout Methods

    Create a custom experience while offering ultimate payout flexibility. Begin the disbursement process with personalized white-label emails, links, and forms. This added touch provides another layer of security and peace of mind. Instead of sending standardized documents that your recipients don't recognize, brand them to represent your company. Remind parties of the settlement terms and let them know this payout is part of the class action lawsuit judgment. Eliminate all doubt and create a fine-tuned payment experience specific to the user.

    The flexibility doesn't end there. The most compelling feature of the Dots API is that it allows you to integrate with many payout methods. Remove restrictions and allow your settlement recipients to get their money how they want. Provide options and integrate with payment providers without the complicated workouts. The Dots API works seamlessly with Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, CashApp, and more. Your recipients can also choose direct bank transfers, ACH, and even RTP.

    The power is in their hands. The Dots API handles the behind-the-scenes logistics, communicating with multiple payment providers in one go. Our API removes unnecessary restrictions, unifying the entire process. Initiate thousands of payments and let automation do the rest.

    • Personalized payment links, emails, and forms
    • Tailor the look and experience to the end user
    • Provide many payout options
    • Friction-free integration unifies the workflow and creates a seamless payout experience


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Jack Li

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Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

“Dots' full wallet management solution allows us to manage complex money flows between multiple parties. Their one click payments and payouts integration works great and offers us the flexibility and control over funds just like an in house solution. Our users can pay and get paid in the way they want. Implementing Dots even allowed our product to grow over 100% month over month!”

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