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    Have the Freedom of Choice With Any Payout Method

    Dots gives you complete freedom of choice with how your expert network partners receive payments. When you work with businesses and experts in an expert network, it's important to distribute payments as quickly as possible. Dots supports many popular payment processing options such as PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zell, ACH, bank transfers and more.

    You can automate payout workflows that work best for you and the people you work with in your expert network. This ensures everyone gets their money the way they want instead of dealing with complicated money management processes. Dots even allows you to pay your global partners with the currency of their choice. You shouldn't be limited by payout options, so we've made sure implementing them is as simple and pain-free as possible.

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    Handled Via a Single Link

    With Dots, you can send a payout with just a single link. Leave complicated payout methods behind and simply send a link through email or SMS. Users can click on the link and enter the necessary tax and bank information to receive payment.

    From there, the user can select their desired payout method from our extensive supported payout options. The payout is then delivered quickly and securely to their account. To start with payout links, no coding or integration is needed. Sending out links can instantly make your expert network payout process simpler, faster, and more secure.

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    Make Quick and Timely Payouts

    Thanks to Dots' unified API, you can automate your expert network payouts. Schedule payouts to go out without having to worry about sending them out on time. You can also automate numerous aspects of the payout process, such as tracking payments and collecting tax information.

    With easy compliance and less hassle, you'll save time and resources on your payout process. Cut down on the time-consuming aspects of payout management and let Dots handle everything for you. Payees can also onboard themselves on your payout platform instantly, within seconds. Your expert network partners will appreciate the efficient payout system, and you can spend fewer resources on managing your payouts. With Dots, payments will get where they need to go as quickly and as securely as possible.

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    Pay in Any Global Currency

    It's common to work with international partners in an expert network, and Dots makes it simple to pay them in their local currency. Dots enables payouts in over a hundred different currencies, giving you more freedom in how you pay international partners. They can easily convert USD into the currency of their choice.

    Exchanges will be handled seamlessly by the Dots API without any intervention needed on your part. Our global currency exchange functionality integrates with many of our payout options, so your international partners can have flexibility in their choice of payment processors. As long as our supported payout processors support international transactions, such as PayPal, you can integrate them into your international payout rails.

    This flexibility for international payouts comes with no extra effort on your part. Simply implement our minimal code solution and watch as you save time and resources on your international payout workflows. International payouts can be hard to implement, but they're truly hassle-free with Dots.

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    Automate 1099 Tax Reporting and Filing

    Managing the tax-filing process for expert network payouts can be time consuming and hard to manage. But with Dots API you can easily automate your 1099 tax filing and reporting. Dots can also take care of W8-BEN and W9 forms. Dots can integrate with your accounting software to ensure taxes are accurately calculated and filed.

    You can also upload your own 1099 forms or let Dots generate them automatically. Staying compliant is essential, and Dots helps you manage the hardest parts. You also don't have to worry about KYC or KYB compliance with your expert network payouts - we'll take care of that too. With Dots, you can ensure you're always ready for tax season.


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Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

“Dots' full wallet management solution allows us to manage complex money flows between multiple parties. Their one click payments and payouts integration works great and offers us the flexibility and control over funds just like an in house solution. Our users can pay and get paid in the way they want. Implementing Dots even allowed our product to grow over 100% month over month!”

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