Dots vs. Stripe Connect: What's the Difference?

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Are you looking for an easy way to integrate payments into your website, app, or marketplace? Many platforms facilitate transactions, allowing you to accept payments, send money, and more. But two options are making waves for their ability to help you build a solid end-to-end payment experience. We're talking about Dots and Stripe Connect.

Stripe Connect is a popular fintech company known for giving e-commerce sites, in-person retailers, and other businesses the power to accept payments. Connect is a set of APIs and Tools that expand the Stripe service's capabilities.

Dots is a platform with a developer-friendly API ready to send and receive payments from all over the world. The Dots API is a game-changer that streamlines how you move money and presents more options for payouts than you ever thought possible.

Dots and Stripe Connect have a lot to offer. But which one is best for your needs?

The Easiest Way to Send and Receive Online Payments

When you need to manage transactions and move money, Dots and Stripe Connect have you covered. But Dots offers simplicity like no other.

Our simple API gives you a friction-free way to send and receive money on your terms. You have ultimate control, choosing everything from what your users see to what payment provider they use. It's the epitome of convenience, and the straightforward nature of Dots can do wonders to reduce pain points and increase conversions.

The best part is that you can handle transactions with a single, unified API. Stripe Connect can move money, too; but it uses multiple APIs and tools to make it happen. In terms of simplicity, nothing compares to Dots.

Integrate a Payment Processor of Your Choice Including Adyen, Paypal, ACH, And More

Here's where Dots truly shines. Stripe Connect and Dots give you the option to integrate with the payment processors of your choice. But again, the focus on simplicity makes Dots a cut above the rest.

With Dots, you can use any processor to receive payments. Take advantage of the ubiquity of PayPal, use a more focused option like Adyen, or stick with the universal ACH. Whatever the case, you can start accepting payments without creating separate workflows.

That's what sets Dots apart from Stripe Connect. There's no need to deal with complicated workarounds, spending weeks coding separate flows to offer versatility. It's all included the API.

Automate Global Payouts for Contractor and 1099 Workers

Need to pay global contractors, gig workers, or marketplace sellers? Dots has you covered.

Stripe Connect can handle international payouts, too. But, it lacks the robust automation tools that make Dots a standout. With the Dots API, automating payments is a breeze. In minutes, you can onboard new payment recipients, set up the parameters of their payouts, and let our technology do the rest. After that initial setup, everything happens on your schedule.

Dots can send payments in over 100 different currencies without requiring additional steps. It's all automated by the API, letting you free up resources and focus your attention elsewhere. With Dots, sending international payouts is one less thing you have to worry about when running your business.

Multiple Payout Methods

One of the most impressive features of Dots is the sheer flexibility you get when sending payments. That flexibility exists when you send and receive money. But it makes a significant difference when disbursing payouts.

Why limit your contractors or marketplace sellers to one processor? Instead of creating unnecessary limitations, give them the power to get their money on their terms. With the Dots API, you can send funds through PayPal, Venmo, Adyen, CashApp, Zelle, bank transfer, ACH, and more.

Stripe Connect offers a way to make it easier to implement those options without having to do any extra work. The API communicates with every payment processor your recipients use. It doesn't matter if they all stick with one or if you have money going out to several different platforms. The Dots API facilitates those transactions behind the scenes, leaving you with a frustration-free process. Your recipients benefit from the flexibility you offer while you reap the rewards of automation.

Save Time and Money With a Minimal Code Solution

Here's another way that Dots steamrolls over Stripe Connect and other alternatives. Stripe Connect uses a set of programmable tools and APIs. While they do the job, they can be a hassle to implement.

That's not the case with Dots. There is very minimal coding involved. In fact, it usually only takes a day or two to get Dots up and running. You don't have to worry about hiring a developer or spending a lot of resources integrating dot into your platform. The Dots team will help you set everything up, allowing you to start moving money in no time.

Reduce Drop Offs With Staggered Onboarding

For general payouts, before you send or receive a single cent, new users must undergo an onboarding process. It's a crucial step that serves a few different purposes. First, it helps set preferences and allows new users to choose how they receive payouts. Secondly, it's part of your business’ due diligence to comply with state and federal laws.

Dots and Stripe Connect have solid onboarding processes. Both platforms collect necessary information for tax purposes. They also screen information for Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulation compliance.

However, Dots enhances onboarding by staggering its steps. No one likes to sit down and complete lengthy documents. It’s often a significant roadblock that can ultimately cause new users to drop out of the process entirely. Dots takes the user experience into account and staggers the data collection points. It makes onboarding quicker, leaner, and more accessible while still gathering the information you need.

Find Out Why Dots is the Biggest Competitor to the Stripe Connect Payouts API

Both Dots and Stripe Connect can implement payments into your website, app, or software platform. But Dots offers the flexibility and control you need to take your customer’s payout experience to a new level. Provide options to your users without dealing with the frustration that comes with expansion. The Dots API helps you scale up as your business grows, maintaining a high level of efficiency every step of the way. Whether you receive money for purchases or send payouts to contractors around the globe, Dots makes the process as easy as possible.

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