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Onboard Your Recipients Safely and Securely

With Dots, your business can offer private label recipient onboarding. Our API allows you to streamline your onboarding process, validate payee bank accounts and make payouts as hassle-free as possible. With our recipient management features, you can make your payout process even easier. Try the Dots API and schedule your demo today.

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    Streamlined Onboarding

    Using the Dots payouts API, onboarding has never been faster and more convenient for your customers and payees. You can create a white-label onboarding workflow that properly represents your brand and introduces customers and payees to your business through an intuitive onboarding process. Our API also allows you to quickly and securely collect and validate data from users who are onboarding

    When the first transaction with a recipient is being made, their profile is automatically created so you can instantly send payments through our AP for future transactions. Onboarding is smooth, frictionless, and efficient, allowing your recipients’ to get paid easier than ever.

    Our API allows you to tailor your onboarding process to meet the needs of your business. Whether you prefer a simple verification process or a complex, multi-authentication process, Dots API can provide you with the tools you need

    Easily Validate Bank Accounts

    The Dots API allows you to easily validate recipient bank accounts in seconds. Our API is compliant with all bank validation regulations for the countries we support. We also prioritize data security, ensuring the information your recipients provide is secure and protected throughout when using our API.

    By automating bank validation and ensuring information accuracy, you can minimize return payments and save time developing validation workflows. In short, you can count on user data being safe, minimize risk for your company and speed up the payout process with automated validation.

    Secure User Validation

    It's essential that all users are validated and for their data to be secure. Our API will collect identifying information compliant with KYC and KYB regulations. The data will be used to create authentication tokens to serve as a unique identifier for each recipient. This ensures the right recipients are getting accurate payouts on time and automatically.

    All user data is also encrypted to bank-level security standards. Dots ensures that user identifying information is fully protected and they feel secure receiving payments through your Dots white-label API.

    You can even customize your verification layers to provide additional protection against fraud and other risk factors. By following KYC and KYB compliance guidelines, you can make sure your company and customers are protected from fraud and fund misuse. Dots can automate all of these verification and compliance processes so your team doesn’t have to.

    Completely Customizable UI

    The Dots API allows you to completely customize your recipient UI. Your user interface can be customized with your brand colors and logo, allowing users to feel more secure using your system.

    With our white-label setup, your branding can be consistent, and recipients will have a unified payout experience anytime they onboard or interact with your business.

    Get Started With Dots

    If you're looking for the ultimate payout API for your business, Dots is your solution. Dots can automate your payout processes and workflows in less than a day. You can also use all top payment processors without having to integrate or develop new workflows. Dots makes it easy to send and receive payments from anywhere while automatically staying compliant with local, federal and international financial regulations.

    If you want to try our features and see if Dots is right for your business, schedule your demo today. Find out how Dots can streamline your payout processes and improve the user experience for your payout recipients.


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