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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 curl https://api.dots.dev/api/v2/payouts/send-payout \ -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Basic <TOKEN>" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "amount": 1000, "payee": { "country_code": "1", "phone_number": "5555555555" } }'

Choose your own implementation adventure

Implement Dots with one line of code, or make it as white-labeled as you need.

Turn the headache of managing payouts into a quick, easy, and ultra-convenient process for everyone involved. With the Dots API, sending payouts is a breeze. Whether you're developing a payout system for thousands of marketplace sellers or managing a platform for gig workers and independent contractors, getting everyone paid doesn't have to be a nightmare. Eliminate the hassle, streamline operations, and make your life much easier by reducing manual payment tasks.

Dots handles the logistics, creating a unified platform that manages payouts from various payment processors. Customers and users have more banking options than ever, so why limit them to just one choice? With Dots, you can lift limitations and let your recipients bank on their terms. The best part? The Dots API automates the entire process and eliminates the need for separate workflows for every payment processor. The result is a friction-free way to make payouts.

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  • Mutiple payout options


    Use our no-code dashboard to make payouts manually to your users. Get started today with our self-serve platform.

  • Embedded digital wallet

    One-line Integration

    Add one line of code to your application and let Dots handle your payouts off-platform.

  • Complex payment infrastructure

    Drop-in Components

    Write a minimal integration using Dots Flows to embed payouts into your platform through our customizable iFrames.

  • Multi-channel payments

    White-labeled Digital Wallets

    Implement a complex payment infrastructure and flow in mere minutes with our unified ledger and API.

Minimal Code, Maximum Impact

Integrate Your Favorite Credit Card Payment Processor, PayPal, ACH, and More

The financial world offers more flexibility than ever before. Businesses and users are no longer limited to a handful of credit card companies or basic checking accounts. With the rise of digital wallets and fintech payment processors, there are many ways to move money these days! Don't limit your platform. The key to widespread accessibility is to offer as many payment processors as possible.

Just a few years ago, that involved complex workarounds and workflows that were unique to each type of payment accepted. But now, you can use the Dots API to lift limitations and create a unified platform that handles them all! Send and receive money from multiple sources without the hassle of writing separate code and going through the steps of adding new processors. It's all of the flexibility with none of the behind-the-scenes mess. Dots lets you reap the rewards for maximum impact while using minimal code.

Take advantage of all the popular payment processing options. For marketplaces, accepting services like PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, and others can open up a world of possibilities for sellers. Meanwhile, handling traditional ACH, bank transfers, and debit or credit cards from the popular networks ensures that all your contractors, influencers, and gig workers get paid how they want.

Manage Complex Money Flows

Don't let a ton of complex money flows set your platform back. With so many ways to move and manage money, things can get complicated from a developer's standpoint. Unique workflows for every platform can create more work on your end, resulting in lower ROI, more wasted resources, and operating budgets far higher than they need to be.

Fortunately, Dots is here to make your life much easier. Dots will automate payment processing, managing those convoluted money flows without you having to lift a finger. The API allows you to integrate all the processors you want without the messy workarounds and thousands of lines of confusing code. Dots does the heavy lifting for you, dramatically reducing manual work. Plus, the API works efficiently to eliminate mistakes, leaving potentially expensive payment blunders behind.

The Dots API is a secure solution that streamlines multiple money flows into one easy - to - use platform.Focus on other development aspects and leave the money management to Dots.

Skip the Manual Process of Adding Multiple Payout Methods

Adding new payment processors is always a plus. It can be a substantial boon to business, leading to more conversion and increased revenue. You're casting a much wider net for your users when you offer more options. There's just one problem: Adding new processors typically requires heaps of coding work. But that's not the case with Dots.

Our API is all about efficiency, which also applies to back-end development. Dots gives users and payment recipients more options while letting you skip loads of manual work. Adding new payment processors is a cinch, and it doesn't require days of additional coding and figuring out complex money flows. Take advantage of the benefits while leaving the manual work to Dots.

Batch Payouts at Scale

It doesn't matter whether you're paying a handful of people or thousands. Dots lets you perform quick and efficient batch payouts in minutes. Scale up and grow your business while maintaining a straightforward payout workflow. Your processes don't have to get more difficult as your platform sees more success.

The Dots API ensures you have the same manageable payout system no matter how many payments you need to make. You can bring new users onboard in minutes and get them set up for payouts in no time — all while providing the flexibility they need. For contracts, the Dots API even collects and verifies crucial information, complying with AML, KYC, and KYB laws every step of the way.

Have Flexibility and Control Over Your Disbursements

Take your disbursements to a new level. Whether you're doing marketplace workouts or paying eager gig workers, your platform's success hinges on how well you manage payments. No one wants to work with a service provider or marketplace platform that turns getting paid into a nightmare of unnecessary hurdles. With Dots, you can provide the flexibility users want to see, resulting in more loyalty and better business.

Even still, you don't have to sacrifice control. Disburse money on your terms and be in control of your platform's finances. Dots puts the power in your hands, giving you all the versatility and authority of an in-house solution in an easy-to-use API package. It gives you the best of both worlds and can lead to substantial growth, better use of your resources, and plenty of support for your bottom line.


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