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PayPal is one of the world’s most widely used online payment platforms, boasting hundreds of millions of active users every month. Popular among marketplace sites, retailers, and even freelance service providers, the platform has revolutionized how people send and receive money online. Now is your chance to take advantage of it. Integrating with PayPal can lead to better business, giving your users more flexibility to get paid on their terms while harnessing PayPal’s widespread adoption for more sales and revenue. While integrations can sometimes require convoluted workarounds and hours of fine-tuning code, none of that is an issue with Dots.

The Dots API is all about simplicity, streamlining how you do payouts. Start working with PayPal in minutes and give your users the ability to manage their payments on their terms!

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How Does It Work?

Using the Dots API is easier than you think. It only takes about 10 minutes to implement, and you have ultimate control over how you want to approach your payment processes. You can integrate with PayPal individually or create a unified solution. The choice is yours, and you’re always in the driver’s seat. Dots is about flexibility and accessibility.

For quick, one-off payments, you have the option to use the payout dashboard. After initial setup, you can utilize the user-friendly dashboard to send a payment link. When users claim the link, Dots collects necessary tax and know your customer (KYC) information to comply with all payment regulations. From there, users can connect their existing PayPal account and receive their funds in minutes.

If you want a more hands-off approach, the Dots API can automate accounts payable for a friction-free solution to moving money. Provide options to your users and eliminate common restrictions to ensure everyone gets paid quickly, efficiently, on time, and without delays. Use our API to customize the experience and you have a seemingly bespoke in-house solution without the hefty price tag.

With Dots, you can set users up to receive payments and handle all the administrative work from one place. Onboarding allows your users to connect their PayPal accounts, provide the necessary tax information, complete documents to fulfill anti-money laundering rules, and more. The Dots API will automatically screen user information, allowing you to pay users anywhere in the world safely.

After the initial setup, you’re ready to send payments. Connect Dots API to your accounting software, banking information, and more. Set up payment emails and take complete control over what happens with every payout processing period. You can be sure that Dots works how you want every time.

Send Payouts

Unlock PayPal’s true potential. Whether you’re sending money to independent contractors or paying marketplace sellers, there’s tons of innate flexibility and security when using PayPal. It’s no surprise that it’s the platform of choice for so many users. Cater to those individuals and send payouts without the hassle.

With Dots, you can give users a choice in how they want to receive their money. It’s an easy solution that becomes even more manageable with Dots API. At Dots, simplicity is a top priority. Instead of using complex money flows to get payments to the right people, you can let our API handle the logistics. Make one-off payments or set up a recurring schedule. Either way, you’ll spend fewer resources managing payment processes, allowing your developers to focus their attention elsewhere.

If you have global users, PayPal is one of the best platforms to make available. With Dots, the administrative hurdles of doing international payouts are a thing of the past. Our API lets you access international banking rails while doing business in USD. The global reach of PayPal ensures everyone gets their payment efficiently. Plus, we handle the KYC and know your business (KYB) duties, keeping your business compliant with all laws and regulations.

Save money, make your payouts more efficient than ever, and keep your users happy!

Accept PayPal Payments

Dots also lets you accept payments from PayPal. As one of the leading online money platforms, PayPal can do wonders to boost business. For marketplace sellers, it’s a fantastic way to attract customers, provide peace of mind, and reduce friction during checkout. It can lead to more conversions, boosting your and your users’ bottom line. Who doesn’t want that?

In instances when users are paying you, PayPal integration can be game-changing. Its widespread availability makes it a favorite among those who frequently do business online. Attract users who already utilize the platform and eliminate one of the most significant barriers to working with you. Make paying for fees and subscription costs a breeze. With PayPal integration, users can send payments with only a few clicks.

Minimal Code Required

Don’t have the resources to do significant back-end code changes? Or perhaps you’re wary of implementing new code due to the complexities of your platform’s existing build. Whatever the case, you can rest easy using Dots API. Dots is a complete payment management solution that puts an otherwise complicated PayPal integration within reach. You can get started in minutes, giving your users the option to utilize one of the world’s most popular payment platforms in no time.

The best part? Using Dots API doesn’t require a ton of coding, yet you still get maximum impact and countless benefits. You can take advantage of PayPal’s natural draw to build your business and generate growth without stressing about all the behind-the-scenes logistics. Free up your development resources and let Dots do all the heavy lifting.

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The Dots API can transform how you handle payouts. It harnesses the power of PayPal to provide utmost flexibility, allowing users to get paid on their terms without sacrificing how your business manages distributions. Integrate PayPal today with the help of Dots. It’s a game-changing upgrade that can benefit you, your users, and your bottom line. Call us today to schedule your Dots demo!


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