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Sending and receiving payments for your website, marketplace or network doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. Whether collecting funds from marketplace buyers or sending payments to 1099 contractors, how you handle transactions matters. Choosing a cost-effective and efficient solution makes all the difference, simplifying your payout workflow while keeping your recipients happy.

Fortunately, platforms like Dots and Trolley are making it easier than ever to move money. Dots is a revolutionary payout API that offers greater flexibility to you and your payment recipients. Meanwhile, Trolley is a payout platform that helps you automate your processes and send money to people around the globe.

Both platforms have a lot to offer. But which one comes out on top in the fight between Dots vs. Trolley?

Easily Send and Receive Online Payment

Dots and Trolley are game-changers regarding how you send and receive money. Both are truly global platforms, allowing you to work with people worldwide as you push your business to grow. However, Dots has the upper hand thanks to its rich features and simplicity.

With Dots, you get a single unified platform devoted to all your payments. Eliminate unnecessary restrictions and frustrating hurdles. The Dots API is easy to implement, allowing you to send and receive payments on your terms. You can accept payments from whatever processor your customer chooses while giving payout recipients the options they need to get paid on their terms. The flexibility alone is enough to drive conversions and boost your bottom line.

But Dots goes beyond flexibility. The Dots API allows you to automate payouts for a friction-free experience. Ditch the complicated workflows and put payments on autopilot to free up resources. Customize the payout experience for your customer, and you have a full white-label solution that just works.

Dots has many competitors, but few make managing payouts as flexible as this. Trolley offers automation features, too. However, Dots is purpose-built for growth. By focusing on versatility and simplicity, you can increase customer loyalty while streamlining your entire financial operation.

Integrate Payment Processors of Your Choice

One of the most exciting things about Dots is that it allows your business to send and receive money on multiple payment processors. Trolley offers considerable flexibility, connecting you with a global network of providers. That network lets your business send money to over 200 countries and in many different currencies.

But Dots offers more choices for your business, customers and payout recipients. There are countless ways to send and receive money. Some channels are more efficient for some people than others. For example, your global contractors might prefer to get money through a platform like PayPal. Meanwhile, some local payout recipients may want direct ACH transfers to their bank accounts.

Dots is a better alternative to Trolley because it makes providing those choices a breeze. Typically, sending and receiving money through multiple processors requires tons of complicated workarounds and coding. Not with Dots! The Dots API unifies everything under one platform.

As a result, you can give all your customers, contractors and payment recipients the power to choose how they want to move money. That flexibility makes all the difference, and it could be the thing that drives new customers to choose your business over one of your biggest competitors.

Global 1099 Contractor Payout Automation

When you need to send money to 1099 contractors on the other side of the globe, you need a platform like Dots or Trolley. Both Dots and Trolley simplify how you send money to domestic and international contractors and navigate the legal and logistical complexities.

But once again, Dots is a cut above the rest. Dots is the front-runner in the battle of Dots vs. Trolley because of the automation features and flexibility. With Dots, you give your international payout recipients as much versatility as your domestic ones. Send localized disbursements in over 100 different currencies using whatever payment processor your contractors want. Whether PayPal, Venmo, Cash App or another fintech channel, Dots does it all.

Dots can automate contractor payouts while ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations. Send onboarding emails to collect all the relevant tax and identification information. Dots also has integrated screening tools, ensuring your business follows all AML and KYC rules. With Dots, you don't have to sweat the small stuff.

A Minimal Code Solution That Saves You Time and Money

Investing in a payout platform can dramatically improve your workflow. But so many businesses hesitate to try one because of how complicated it can be to implement. It takes considerable time to execute new code, and there's always the risk that you'll experience downtime due to mistakes and bugs.

Here's another area where Dots blows the alternative out of the water. Dots requires very minimal code. It easily integrates into your website or platform, taking only a day or two to get running. Of course, the Dots support team is there to help every step of the way and ensure you can start taking advantage of the many great features as quickly as possible.

Usually, adding a single additional payment processor requires lines of complex code. But the Dots API is a minimal-code solution that provides flexibility, automation and more.

Find Out Why Trolley's Best Competitor is Dots

Dots and Trolley are fantastic platforms that can help your business grow in countless ways. However, Dots is a better alternative to Trolley because of the high level of control and versatility you get. The Dots API lets you fine-tune your customers' and contractors' payout experience without dealing with the common pitfalls accompanying growth.

It can take your business to new heights, improving your reputation and driving conversions. Best of all, it's cost-effective and saves you time. Sign up for Dots today to see what the platform can do for you and why it beats competitors like Trolley.


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