Dots vs. Paypal Marketplace Solutions: What's the Difference?

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PayPal is a juggernaut in the online payment scene. A leader in modern fintech, there's no denying that PayPal Marketplace has much to offer. But is it the best choice for your website or software platform? Dots provides a compelling alternative, positioning itself as one of PayPal's biggest competitors.

The Dots API offers a quick and easy way to manage money. Whether sending payouts to marketplace sellers or receiving payments for purchases and fees, Dots handles it all through an easy-to-implement API.

Both Dots and PayPal serve similar purposes, but how are they different? Keep reading to learn why Dots is a must-try PayPal alternative.

Send and Receive Online Payments Quickly and Easily

Sending and receiving money is what Dots and PayPal are developed to do. But when it comes to efficiency and simplicity, Dots takes the cake. Here's why.

The Dots API helps you move money through multiple payment providers in one friction-free API. While PayPal Marketplace offers some flexibility when receiving payments, that versatility doesn't apply when sending money. PayPal limits you to using solely Paypal itself to send funds out.

That's not the case with Dots. Dots allows you to send and receive payments in a multitude of ways. The best part? You don't have to set up separate workflows for every method you offer your customers. The API communicates with platforms behind the scenes, facilitating the transactions without direct intervention from you. Free up resources and leave the confusion of managing payments in the past.

Integrate Paypal, ACH, and the Leading Credit Card Payment Processors

One of the most exciting things about Dots is that it is truly platform-neutral. This isn’t the case for PayPal Marketplace.

PayPal does let you accept payment options like debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and more. But it's primarily limited to the services that the fintech company already owns. It makes money for every PayPal transaction you perform. Venmo is also part of the PayPal umbrella, so the same sentiment applies. It's no surprise that there aren’t more flexible payout options available.

When you use Dots, those restrictions don't apply. The API is one of the most flexible payment tools available today, leaving payment limitations behind. With the Dots API, you can integrate with various payment methods. You can send and receive money with PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle, ACH, debit cards, bank transfers, and the list goes on. Dots will soon even provide you with the opportunity to send and receive crypto.

There's also the option to use Dots’ digital wallet system. The wallet provides instant access to payments, allowing recipients to create a closed loop of ultra-convenient spending. The sheer versatility of Dots makes it a standout choice over the limited options you get with PayPal Marketplace.

International 1099 Contractor Payout Automation

PayPal is a multinational financial entity that operates in more than 200 regions, but it lacks the features to quickly and easily send money to international contractors like Dots. PayPal is an excellent provider for facilitating contractor payouts, but Dots is the platform that gives you the most control in managing distributions.

Borders are usually a significant barrier for getting money to your 1099 contractors. Luckily, the Dots API lets you start sending payments to foreign recipients from day one. Dots offers localized disbursements in more than 100 currencies and gives your contractors the option to choose how they receive their money. Whether they use PayPal or go with one of the many other options available, Dots can make it happen.

But that's not all. Dots also manages the logistics. International payments can be a regulatory and compliance nightmare. But the Dots API ensures that you're doing your due diligence. It collects identifying information, screens recipients against global watchlists, and complies with all KYC and AML regulations. It even gathers information for tax purposes, giving you one less thing to worry about come tax season. Try doing all that automatically with PayPal!

On top of that convenience, you get the benefit of automation. Don't spend valuable time manually sending payouts. Set everything up with the API, sit back, and keep your contractors happy. No matter how many independent contractors or sellers you have or what payment methods they prefer, Dots automates the entire process to make your life much easier.

Our Minimal Code Solution Saves You Time and Money

Ask anyone familiar with PayPal Marketplace, and they'll likely mention the frustrating implementation process. There are countless complaints about its API and SDKs. While PayPal's support is pretty solid, it's not always easy to get help when you need it, as PayPal is a large company with multiple products and services. Even if you get up and running, you're sacrificing substantial control to use PayPal Marketplace. Every purchase goes through PayPal's checkout page. Moreover, you lack branding and customization options that would benefit your business.

Dots is one of the most accessible platforms to set up. The API requires very minimal coding to implement. That means no more spending weeks getting things to work just right. It's easily integrated into your existing marketplace site. In most cases, you can get up and running in a day or two. Dots support is there to help you every step of the way. On top of all that, you get the power to fine-tune the customer experience with white-label integration. It's just another way that Dots prioritizes creating an impeccable experience all around.

Find Out Why Paypal Marketplace’s Biggest Competitor is Dots

PayPal Marketplace is a popular solution, and there are many good reasons why. But it's not your only option. With Dots you can do the same, and a lot more. You get more control over how you send and receive money. You can work with numerous payment providers, give your customers options, and automate many processes for a hands-off experience. Don't just take our word for it. Sign up today to get started and learn precisely why Dots is one of PayPal's biggest competitors.


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