White-Label Payouts API for Advertising Networks

Dots provides the most efficient and secure white-label payout API for advertising networks. Our platform enables lightning-fast payments and a myriad of payment processing options to keep your ad network partners happy. With Dots, you can streamline and expand your payment processes with no extra lift on your developers.

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    Quick Payments to Third Party Ad Servers

    If you're an advertising network, you likely work with numerous third party ad servers. It can be a headache to manually process all of your payouts and track them accurately. Additionally, each ad server may have preferences on how they receive payouts. You can easily integrate with payment processors using the Dots API with a single line of code. This gives third party ad servers the ability to choose the way they get paid. It's not especially easy to implement multiple payment rails, but with Dots, it's a breeze. You can make sure your ad servers can use the payment processors they prefer.

    Payments through Dots are done quickly and securely. You can send payments within seconds through the Payment Links feature that allows your ad servers to get paid within seconds.

    Dots is also a white-label payout solution. You can customize our API to perfectly fit your branding, making for a seamless payment experience for your providers and practitioners.

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    Simplify Your Tax Processes

    Staying on top of the ever-changing tax laws and filing processes can be a hassle, but with Dots, you can automate the process and let us handle compliance for you. Dots is compatible globally, so you can easily work with international ad partners to provide them with their preferred payout methods.

    Dots automates the generation and collection of 1099, W8-BEN and W9 forms. You can integrate Dots with your accounting platform to easily track and verify all of the data you need for calculating taxes for your ad network payouts. When you add a new ad server to your network, you can auto-generate the tax information forms they need to fill out and add them seamlessly to your network instead of manually entering and collecting the details yourself.

    Dots also handles KYC, KYB and other compliance measures. Don’t let tax filing and compliance regulations slow down your business. Streamline everything with the Dots API.

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    Automate Your Tasks and Scale Your Business

    Dots gives you the ability to automate your entire payout process, allowing you to reduce the workload on your developers and scale your business easily. Instead of having to develop new workflows as your business scales, you can simply integrate Dots and automate new payout tasks.

    Dots allows you to automatically track all of your payouts as well. Instead of manually entering all of your payouts into your accounting software, the no-code Dots dashboard shows the status of each payment sent out. You can also have Dots provide you with reports and payout history, reducing hours of workload for your accounting team - especially if you have a large number of ad partners in your network.

    Once ad partners are onboarded to your payout network, you won’t have to worry about manually managing their payments. Once paid out, Dots helps complete future payouts with previous preferred payment options complete the saving you time and simplifying the lives of your ad partners. Dots also allows you to white-label your payout platform, so all payment processes are done under your branding, making your vendors’ experiences as seamless as possible.


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Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

“Dots' full wallet management solution allows us to manage complex money flows between multiple parties. Their one click payments and payouts integration works great and offers us the flexibility and control over funds just like an in house solution. Our users can pay and get paid in the way they want. Implementing Dots even allowed our product to grow over 100% month over month!”

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