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Streamline and Automate Global Payments

Expand your business potential with people from all over the globe. With the Dots API, you can pay independent contractors, freelance gig workers, marketplace sellers, and others without the headache that comes with international transactions. Collect all the necessary information to facilitate payouts and send payments on your recipients' terms. Offer flexible options, improve how you handle money, and manage payouts through any payment rail.

Dots is the quickest and most efficient way to handle international payments. Whether you send payouts to contractors in India or the UK, you can ensure that everyone gets their money on time and in a way that works with their personal banking preferences.

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    Simplified Global Mass Payouts With Bank-Beating FX

    Gone are the days of having to wait weeks or months to get hard-earned money into the hands of people who earned it. Reward your contractors and give easy access to the money users generate on your platform. No matter the reason for the payment, Dots ensures that it gets to its rightful owner as efficiently and easily as possible.

    Dots lets you pay international users in their local currency. Choose from over a hundred different currencies and simplify things for your payees by removing manual exchange processes from the equation. With Dots, you can hold on to balances in USD and put the power of conversion in your users’ hands. Let them choose how to receive their payment and when they want to convert the USD into their currency of choice. The exchange happens automatically without external intervention.

    Find the best way to streamline your global payouts with Dots. When you facilitate transactions through the Dots API, you can get a competitive foreign exchange rate that beats most banks, ensuring recipients get the most bang for their buck.

    PayPal, Wire Transfers, and Local Transfers

    How would your users like to get their money? There are many options for managing funds in the fintech world. funds in our fintech-focused world. Whether your payees want to use one of the many digital payment processors available worldwide or want to stick to standard wire transfers, Dots can handle it all.

    Dots provides options and allows your users to get paid in a way that works for their lifestyle and financial needs. Take advantage of the flexibility of PayPal, rely on the security of wire transfers, or make a cross-border payment with a local transfer. The choice is up to you and your users. Choose what works for you and complete transactions without the complex hurdles.

    Always Stay KYC and KYB Compliant

    Some of the biggest challenges with completing international payments are taking care of compliance obligations. The amount of administrative work to comply with know your customer (KYC) and know your business (KYB) guidelines is staggering. However, the importance of complying with these regulations can’t be understated.

    Fortunately, Dots ensures that you’re staying compliant right from the beginning. When you onboard users and payment recipients, Dots securely collects all necessary identification information required to keep everything above board. The Dots API includes a built-in screening technology, comparing all identification information to global watchlists and anti-money laundering databases. Dots even collects tax documents and W-8BEN forms. These steps are crucial in protecting your business and bottom line.

    Seamlessly Automate Bank Transfers

    Don’t let the confusing nature of international transactions prevent you from paying your users and contractors. While processing payments can be a logistical headache, Dots simplifies the process every step of the way. Dots takes care of the heavy lifting from onboarding to closing bank transfers.

    On average, Dots saves teams upwards of 10 hours a week by handling administrative tasks. Automate transfers and ensure everyone gets paid without lifting a finger. Save your resources and free up developers to focus on other business duties. When you rely on Dots, you can rest easy knowing everyone is getting their payments on time.

    Friction-Free Integration

    From PayPal and Venmo, to Cash App and Zelle, there are many ways to manage money. Don’t limit your users and payees to just a few options. Give your users the choice to handle transactions on their terms. Doing so can lead to more conversions, higher revenue potential, and more satisfied business partners.

    The Dots API unifies your ledger, handling transactions from various payment processors in one go. Manage restrictions and avoid having unique workflows for every service provider you use. Instead, let Dots take the reins, handle the behind-the-scenes logistics, and process payments swiftly every payout day.

    Secure and Reliable

    With Dots, security and privacy are built right in. It doesn’t matter what payment processor a user requests or what information you have to gather during onboarding. Everything travels through encrypted channels, keeping data and money safe from external sources.

    Protect your business and your users by relying on Dots.The API works efficiently without sacrificing security.Dots even sends out automatic alerts, verification checks, and more to protect every part involved with a payment transaction.

    A System That’s Tailored to Your Specific End User

    Every business is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach to payout processing doesn’t cut it. With Dots, you can create a tailor-made solution customized to your end user. Find a process that works for your business and payment recipients, then tailor your platform’s look, functionality, and feel to create a stellar user experience.

    With Dots, you don’t have to sacrifice style or substance. The Dots API integrates into your platform seamlessly, helping you avoid service roadblocks while keeping your brand image stronger than ever.

    Get Started With Dots

    When you’re ready to change how your business sends international payments, turn to Dots. Our revolutionary API simplifies how you send money to global contractors and users. We make sure everyone gets paid their way, on time to expand your business horizons by allowing you to tap into an ever-growing international market. No matter what type of business you are, Dots is ready to handle your payments. Contact us today to set up a demonstration and experience the game-changing API yourself.


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