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Launched in 2009, Venmo has risen to the upper echelons of the mobile payment scene. The mobile payment processor is synonymous with peer-to-peer transactions, making it a popular choice for picking up the dinner tab or splitting the costs for a taxi. The service has become a significant part of the modern fintech wave. So why not use it to pay your users?

With Dots, you finally can. Venmo is more than a quick mobile payment processor for small transactions. Account holders can tap into their balance to pay bills, deposit funds into bank accounts, transfer money to savings, and more. Sending payouts through Venmo offers quick and easy access, putting more control in your users’ hands and letting them get paid on their terms.

Usually, integrating Venmo into your business platform is a hassle. But the Dots API makes implementation more straightforward than you think. Simplify how you send money, avoid expensive fees, and ditch the headache of payment processing days. With Dots, you have full control of your distributions while giving your users the flexibility they want.

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How Does It Work?

The Dots API works behind the scenes to simplify your entire payout process. Think of it as the go-between that handles all the behind-the-scenes logistics to move money from you to your users. It’s what communicates with payment services, gets around complex limitations, and brings payouts to the correct place. Once integrated, Dots takes care of the heavy lifting. That means no more manual coding, no more processing of individual accounts, and more wasted resources.

Our API frees up your developers to focus on other duties, turning a once-expensive regular task into something quick, easy, and stress free. The best part is that your user base decides how to get paid. Money is a sensitive matter, so the more freedom you provide the better. Gone are the days of only a handful of payment options. With Dots, there’s no picking and choosing.

Dots is about simplification on all fronts. After you integrate Dots into your platform, there’s a quick onboarding process for individual users. Don’t worry: Our API will guide them through the details to ensure everything is correct and above board. These steps only occur once, leaving nothing but efficient payouts in the future. Distributing payments requires collecting tax information, screening identification against watchlists for know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, and other critical administrative duties.

Don’t leave those details to chance. Dots automates those all-important steps, collects the appropriate documents, and sends confirmation emails for peace of mind. Our API even staggers information collection to increase trust, avoiding the hassle that often forces users to turn away from your platform entirely. Of course, we encrypt everything to keep that information secure and ease everyone’s worries. Onboarding your users is a breeze, ensuring smooth sailing and efficient Venmo payments moving forward.

Send Payouts

You can start running accounts payable in minutes when you’re ready to send money. Pay your contractors, freelance gig workers, influencers, and everyone else eagerly waiting for their money. After onboarding, Dots has all the information required to get money to the correct place. Instead of processing payments for every accepted method, you can do it all from one unified platform. Sending payouts to Venmo has never been easier! Work through restrictions, ditch the separate flows for every processor, and run payouts in minutes.

Dots gives you a choice to send money how you want. While your users can choose how they get their money, you’re still in control over distributions. Set up recurring payments and send money on a set schedule. Whether you do a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payout, users can expect their funds to hit their Venmo on the dot every time. Automate the process, and you can turn payout days into a headache-free routine.

If you need to send one-off payments, Dots has you covered, too. The payouts dashboard makes sending invoice-style payments via email or text easy. Collect all the necessary information for AML and KYC compliance, send money to the user’s Venmo, and create a custom payment flow unique to your platform.

Minimal Code Required

Are you worried about the back-end details? With the Dots API, you have minimal coding to do. Integration takes roughly 10 minutes to start. We help you get up and running in no time, giving your users instant freedom to get paid how they want.

There is no need to make drastic changes to your platform or spend hours implementing our API with complex coding. Reap the benefits of offering Venmo payments without the expensive and time-consuming buy-in. With Dots, you can elevate your payouts and instantly expand your reach.

Offering payments through services like Venmo improves accessibility across the board. Users can take advantage of the accounts they already have, eliminating the hurdles that come with accepting payments. Whether you're working with marketplace sellers wanting their cut, sending winnings to esports participants, or paying commissions for affiliate programs, Venmo opens up a world of possibilities. Get set up in minutes and watch your business grow.

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There’s tons of potential in offering Venmo payments. Venmo integration with Dots allows you to send payouts quickly and efficiently without major workarounds. Our API just works, helping you provide better service to your users. Integration takes minutes, but the benefits will continue for years. Enjoy what Venmo offers to increase revenue, expand your business, and foster user trust.

When you’re ready to send payouts via Venmo, turn to Dots. The Dots API is a must-have solution for businesses that send users payments. Simplify how you manage money and provide all the options your members need. Whether you use a couple of providers like Venmo or offer ultimate flexibility with several payment rails, Dots has you covered. Automate payouts with one flexible API to save resources and keep your users happy. Contact Dots today to schedule an API demonstration and learn more about what we can do for your business.


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