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How Dots helps July improve payouts for creators

Wells Douraghy

Wells Douraghy

Founder & CEO, July

One of the biggest issues in today's era of social media marketing is for brands to deal with creators. July strives to make this process easy, by connecting brands with the creators they need to thrive. July wants to handle most of the back office tasks creators need to get done, such as invoicing brands and finding new customers. Before Dots, July had little to no infrastructure for invoicing, doing everything on an ad-hoc basis. While this was a solution that worked for them in the beginning, it was abundantly clear that this methodology would not scale.

That's where Dots comes in, by making automatic payouts incredibly simple for the July team. Dots' payout links made creator onboarding easier, faster, and with nearly 0 churn. The onboarding experience is often lauded by creators for how seamless it is. Additionally, the bevy of payout options allowed for users to get paid instantly - to the rails that they like. This gave July a competitive advantage in the creator space, ensuring their supply side remains happy and that their product remains sticky.

Additionally, one of the larger complexities in being an influencer is reporting income, specifically, generating 1099 forms at the end of the year. Dots makes this simple, collecting all KYC information, validating it, and checking it against sanctions lists to ensure that July remains compliant without adding any extra work on their behalf.

Minimal Code, Maximum Impact

With our payouts API you can drastically improve your payout options and skip the manual process of adding multiple payment processors—while still reaping the conversion benefits.

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    Upgrade your influencer marketing payouts

    Keep your creators happy with fully trackable payments anywhere in the world. Ensure that you can pay creators the ways they want.

    • Fully trackable payments with white-labeled confirmation emails
    • Keep your influencers happy with payments to PayPal, Venmo, Crypto, and others
    • Globally localized payments in over 100 currencies
    • Truly borderless money movement to make your growth simple
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    Tax processes on autopilot

    Dots manages collecting and verifying contractor tax information simple - making end of year processes a breeze.

    • Embeddable information collection for 1099 or W8 generation
    • Consolidate payments with all details needed for EOY reporting.
    • Built-in compliance for screening against global watchlists and AML laws
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    Quick and Scalable

    Automate your payouts overnight. A versatile API that ensures you don’t need to scale your workload while you scale.

    • Easily send automated payouts (even batched!) via API calls
    • Pay creators with just a simple link
    • Staggered KYC ensures creators do not churn out at sign up


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