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    Easily Send Mass Global Payments to Providers

    It can be a hassle for telehealth organizations to send payments to providers. Providers need to receive their payments quickly, and there may be different payment processing platforms that they’d prefer to use. The Dots API makes it easy to integrate these payment processors, so you can offer multiple payment rails to your providers. Sending mass global payments is a breeze when you use Dots. Our platform is highly scalable, so you can send out single payouts or batch payouts by the thousands. Whatever payout needs your telehealth organization has, Dots is the ideal solution.

    Dots is truly a payout solution without borders. It can be exceedingly complex and time-consuming for your developers to set up multiple payment processor workflows and implement international payouts. With Dots, you can do all of this and more straight out of the box. Let your developers focus on other projects and give them the ability to seamlessly implement new processors in just minutes instead of hours or days.

    Dots is also a white-label payout solution. You can customize our API to perfectly fit your telehealth branding, making for a seamless payment experience for your providers and practitioners.

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    Verify Bank and Tax Information

    Verifying bank and tax information can easily be automated with Dots. Healthcare companies need to be especially diligent about getting the correct payout and tax information, but it can be incredibly time-consuming and complex to handle these tasks manually. Dots can auto-generate 1099, W-9, W-8 BEN, and other forms for you. Dots also handles KYC and KYB compliance, so you can have peace of mind.

    When Dots sends these forms to practitioners and providers in your network, we automatically collect this information and integrate it with your tax software. Dots ensures you’re always prepared for tax season and that you have the most accurate information possible for your payees.

    Dots is designed to automate your entire payment workflow. No more tracking down tax forms for payees. Simply let Dots take care of everything while you save time, money and resources.Dots is also highly secure with multi-layer privacy practices such as encryption and tokenization, so you can rest assured that all data transferred on our platform is protected.

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    Automated Tracking and Reporting

    Dots provides automated tracking and reporting so all of your transactions are recorded and easily accessible. You can view payments, check the status of your payments and download reports as needed.

    When you have to manually track payments, it’s easy for things to get lost or for data to get entered incorrectly. Discrepancies can lead to lost time and resources as you try to track down errors in data entry. Instead of manually entering all of your payments into your accounting software, Dots can automatically fill in the information and save you the hassle. Our API can seamlessly integrate with your accounting tools, automating another step in your payout process. You can also generate full reports of your payout history, giving you more visibility and transparency into your payment workflows. The more you can automate your payout processes, the more time and money you’ll save.

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    Quickly Implement Our Secure Solution

    Dots is a highly secure solution. Our bank-level security and encryption ensures that your data is safe and your money is sent seamlessly and securely. Developing in-depth security measures for your own payout platform can be incredibly time-consuming. Dots provides an out-of-the-box solution that your developers can seamlessly integrate into your workflows in minutes. In minutes, you'll have a secure solution that makes the payment process easier for everyone involved.

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    Automate 1099 Tax Reporting and Filing

    Managing the tax-filing process for expert network payouts can be time consuming and hard to manage. But with Dots API you can easily automate your 1099 tax filing and reporting. Dots can also take care of W8-BEN and W9 forms. Dots can integrate with your accounting software to ensure taxes are accurately calculated and filed.

    You can also upload your own 1099 forms or let Dots generate them automatically. Staying compliant is essential, and Dots helps you manage the hardest parts. You also don't have to worry about KYC or KYB compliance with your expert network payouts - we'll take care of that too. With Dots, you can ensure you're always ready for tax season.


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Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

Jack Li

Founder & CEO, Zappy

“Dots' full wallet management solution allows us to manage complex money flows between multiple parties. Their one click payments and payouts integration works great and offers us the flexibility and control over funds just like an in house solution. Our users can pay and get paid in the way they want. Implementing Dots even allowed our product to grow over 100% month over month!”

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