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Streamline Your Business With Payouts Automation

Are you looking for an easier and more efficient way for your business to make global mass payouts? Dots API is your solution. The Dots API allows you to automate your payout workflows and streamline your payment processes. With our powerful tool, you can make instant mass payouts with minimal effort.

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    Send Global Mass Payouts With Our Platform

    Global mass payouts can be complex, time-consuming and prone to human error. Instead, why not simplify things and automate your payout process with the Dots API?

    You can make payouts to multiple recipients, transfer funds all over the world and convert money to their local currency. Whether you’re needing to pay contractors, customers, or freelancers, you can create a Dots workflow to automate the process.

    With Dots, you don't have to manually enter payment details for every transaction. Easily store payees for future transactions and automate the process with the Dots API so you never miss another payment. Dots also ensures your payouts are also as secure as possible.

    Make Payments Instantly

    Dots API allows you to make payments instantly, with just a few simple clicks. With automated workflows, you can eliminate the hassle of manual processing and provide payees their funds in just a few seconds. Your payees get their money right away and your processes run smoothly so you can focus on other important business tasks while Dots takes care of your payouts.

    Dots also integrates with numerous payment processors, so you don’t have to develop workarounds or limit your business to certain platforms. Payees can get paid the way they want to and you can route payments through whatever payment processor is most convenient. Imagine a friction-free accounts payable process-that’s what Dots can provide.

    Satisfy US Reporting Requirements

    The Dots API will also simplify reporting for your business. Our platform is compliant with US reporting requirements and will automatically generate 1099s and W8 forms so you don’t have to.

    If you work with contractors or international employees, you know how time-consuming and arduous it can be to get your 1099 and W8 forms sent out and completed. Instead, let Dots take care of it and make sure you’re compliant with IRS regulations. Dots eliminates the need for manual filing and ensures your forms are accurate. You’ll be ready for tax season, at least where contractors are concerned.

    Syncs to Quickbooks

    Dots is easy to integrate and sync with Quickbooks. As one of the most popular accounting software options, it’s important for businesses to be able to sync their payout solutions with Quickbooks. With Dots API, your payouts will instantly be recorded to Quickbooks, saving you time and keeping perfect records of your transactions. This means less manual work and more accurate bookkeeping for your business.

    With Dots, you can easily keep track of your global accounts payable and receivable and monitor your global mass payouts. With various Quickbook integration features, Dots can take a lot of the guesswork and manual data entry out of your global transactions.

    Get Started With Dots

    Dots is the ultimate payout API for businesses. In less than a day, you can automate all of your payout processes and workflows, saving your business time and frustration. Our intuitive API allows you to use top payment processors without having to integrate new processes, send payments globally and comply with financial regulations automatically. It’s that simple. Schedule your demo with Dots today and put our platform to work for you.


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