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Send payments directly to your users’ bank accounts with Dots. While banking options are plentiful thanks to the burgeoning fintech market, many users want the simplicity of direct bank transfers. Let your user base get paid on their terms and skip the middleman of other payment processors. With Dots API, you can send payouts exactly where your recipients want them, no matter what bank they use.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual transfers and strict limitations. Ditch the separate money flows for every payment service while still offering your users the options they want. Our API streamlines your ledger, allowing you to process payouts with a single unified platform. Take the headache out of sending money and take control of your distributions.

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How Does It Work?

Dots’ makes managing payouts easier than you ever thought possible. If you’re struggling to find the right balance between user flexibility and internal resource management, the Dots API is the solution you’ve been looking for to facilitate more efficient payouts. Dots provides the best of both worlds, eliminating the need to restrict your users to a specific payment provider. Perform direct bank transfers, send money through digital payment platforms, and more.

When you implement Dots, you can automate the entire process. Take care of onboarding without the headache of managing administrative duties. Our API automatically collects tax information, identification for know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, relevant documentation, and more. Dots even cross-references against global watchlists to ensure that you’re protecting your bottom line.

We walk new members through the process to keep things simple while spacing out information requests to build trust. Once your new members get everything set up, they’re free to choose their desired payment method. They can enter banking information and receive payouts quickly and efficiently.

Send Payouts

Don’t let complex workarounds prevent you from keeping your users happy. On-time payments are paramount, and Dots ensures that you’re fulfilling your financial obligations as promised. There are many ways to send money with Dots. After integration and onboarding, you can connect Dots to your accounting software, import CSV files, or use the payout dashboard to send money manually. The choice is yours, and you fully control how you send payments.

Customize the look and feel of the user experience while streamlining the back-of-house logistics. Dots does most of the heavy lifting, allowing you to free up developer resources and avoid the hours-long process of managing payouts. Give your users a choice without jumping through complex hurdles. With the Dots API, you can take a hands-off approach to paying marketplace sellers, independent contractors, and others.

Receive Money

Bank transfers work both ways, and your users can take advantage of the convenience offered to take care of their financial duties. From accepting esports entrance fees to collecting funds from buyers, Dots API integration makes receiving money a breeze. Avoid common restrictions while giving your members just as much flexibility as they expect to get for payouts. Skip the lengthy transfer times and simplify how you process transactions.

Same-Day ACH Payouts API

Need to send money quickly? The Dots API can help you perform same-day ACH. Typically, the automated clearing house network takes several days to go through. In the meantime, money is in limbo, inaccessible to you and the recipient. No one likes to wait to gain access to their hard-earned funds.

With same-day ACH through Dots, users get their money quickly and efficiently. Batch process payouts and ensure that the funds get to where they need to go by the end of the business day. Same-day ACH networks are fast and reliable, eliminating the wait times of traditional bank transfers. This provides a convenient option for members who need their money now. Offering this quick service can set your platform apart from the competition, boosting your brand reputation and building trust with current and future users.


Same-day ACH is fast, but real-time payments (RTP) are even quicker! Give your users the courtesy of near-instant access to their money and provide an invaluable service they can trust. The RTP network works slightly differently from ACH. For same-day bank transfers, the payouts occur in batches. They settle after payments clear. While much more efficient than traditional one- to three-day transfers, end users still have to wait several hours. In most cases, funds are not available until the end of the business day.

But with RTP and the Dots API, that wait is nonexistent! The RTP network clears and settles payments almost immediately. When you provide this option with Dots, it’s just as easy as any other bank transfer. Behind the scenes, our API takes care of the logistics. You don’t have to worry about additional steps or the need for extra resources or complex payment infrastructure. Dots does it all.

Minimal Code Required

Dots only requires minimal coding. Lift your payment limitations and give your users all the options they want without jumping through hoops to make it happen. The Dots API takes only 10 minutes to start integration, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Instead of adding individual processors manually, you can set up Dots and enjoy the benefits of flexible payment options in barely any time at all.

Keep your existing coding intact and free your development resources. Ditch the hours of code modification and customize every user-facing aspect to fine-tune the payment experience. Achieve in-house level simplicity with the Dots API.

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Take control of payment disbursements and transform how your users get paid. Whether you run a marketplace, manage an affiliate program, or have a roster of independent contractors you need to pay, Dots is a game-changer that will make your business even better.

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