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Security should be prioritized for any digital transaction, especially when you're dealing with customers or accounts payable. With the Dots API, you can make sure your customer data is protected from fraud and breaches. Our comprehensive security measures utilize the highest standards, advanced encryption, and bank-level security measures. Your business can have peace of mind knowing that payments, transactions and user data are secure.

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    Advanced Encryption

    The Dots API ensures all sensitive user and financial information is encrypted using the highest standards in encryption technology. In addition to encrypting data to keep it secure, you can customize security measures on our platform even further with measures like multi-factor authentication.

    Bank-Level Security

    Our API offers end-to-end 256-bit bank-level security to ensure user data is secure and safe. The Dots API will also tokenize information like bank accounts, card numbers, and other identifiers to keep you and your users safe from fraud and data breaches.

    OFAC Compliance

    Our payout API provides advanced OFAC compliance measures. OFAC compliance regulations can be complex; therefore, it is automated with the Dots platform. This reduces risk for your business, preventing you and your users from being associated with financial transactions involving sanctioned countries.

    Additionally, the Dots API automates AML (anti-money laundering) and CT (counter-terrorist financing) compliance as well. Dots can flag suspicious transactions for investigation to ensure complete compliance with OFAC regulations. This protects your business and mitigates risk while providing a safer and more secure payout platform for your users as well.

    Different Tiers of User Roles and Permissions

    With the Dots Dashboard, you have a customizable range of user roles and permissions, allowing you to authorize who gets access to what data. With these different tiers in place, you can make sure your data is secure and that only the right users are authorized to access it. Each user will have access levels that make sense for their specific role, allowing them to get access to only what they need when they need it.

    Tokenized PII and User Data

    As mentioned, sensitive user data is tokenized through our advanced encryption measures. Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as a user’s name, address, date of birth, email address, SSN, and other details will be automatically tokenized and encrypted through our bank-level security algorithms. These tokens are transmitted over secure connections and protected by multiple security measures to prevent unauthorized access and breaches.

    Combined with our customizable options for access control, you can fine-tune your security measures to fit the needs of your business and your users. In short, if your business needs comprehensive security features for its payout API, then Dots is your solution.

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