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Mitigate Risk and Fraud with Dots

It can be difficult for businesses to keep up with risk and fraud management challenges. However, the Dots API can simplify the process and provide your customers and payout recipients with a secure and reliable payment experience. Our risk and fraud management features are comprehensive, helping you to easily mitigate fraud and comply with applicable government regulations.

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    Know Your Customer (KYC)

    Our payout API offers comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) features to protect your business and your users against fraud. KYC is critical for mitigating risk, and our API can automate the process for you. Dots manages identity verification for customers, ongoing checks, and more. Our API can also flag suspicious behavior to help reduce the risk of fraud to a minimum.

    AML, BSA and OFAC Compliance

    Dots incorporates various security features for global payouts to make sure you're compliant with AML, BSA, OFAC regulations and more. Our built-in compliance will ensure that individuals and businesses are screened to meet the standards of these regulations. As a result, you can provide an extra layer of protection against fraud and help ensure that money being routed through your payout system isn't being used for illegal purposes.

    Holistic Fraud Management

    The Dots payout API offers holistic fraud management features to prevent user data from being stolen and used by bad actors. Our fraud monitoring features can identify individual fraudsters and flag suspicious activity to make sure your business is protected and your user data is secure. With our integrated fraud management system, you will also be compliant with the applicable government rules and regulations for preventing fraud.

    Algorithmic Fraud Detection

    Algorithmic fraud detection is another powerful feature of our payout API that gives your business the anti-fraud tools it needs to help mitigate risk.

    Our payout API utilizes various advanced algorithms to detect fraud. These algorithms will monitor transactions, both incoming and outgoing, to find irregularities and spot patterns of unusual activities. This includes multiple payment attempts, suspicious IP addresses, fraudulent chargeback attempts and other suspicious types of activity that could put your business or your customers at risk.

    You can also customize your rules for fraud detention, defining certain criteria for what might constitute suspicious activity in your industry. This ensures that you have every tool at your disposal to prevent fraud and protect your business from bad actors.

    Optional Identity Verification

    Dots also provides optional identity verification features to provide an additional layer of security. With this feature enabled, you can quickly and accurately verify the authenticity of a user receiving payment through your platform. Validating documents and information such as driver's licenses, passports, names, addresses, and more can be checked against credit reporting agencies and other verified data sources to prove customers are who they say they are. Dots provides your business with peace of mind so you can focus on the big picture without worrying about violating compliance regulations and opening your business up to fraud.

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    With Dots, you can easily automate your payout processes, send and receive payments through all of the top payment processors including Venmo, Paypal, ACH, and Bank Transfer, automate tax filing for contractors, and much more. Ready to learn more? Schedule your demo today and we’ll show you how Dots can help you with your payout workflows.


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