Changelog 04

Dots API V2

Our API recently turned a year old and in the past 12 months we have received a lot of great feedback from our customers. After a few months of design and development, we are happy to release V2 of the Dots API.

V2 improvements focus on improving the user creation and connection process, introducing transfers, and standardizing our endpoints.

User Creation Improvements

In V1 of the API, we would return a verification_id when the user was first created. This id could then be used to verify the user and create unverified transactions. This process was a bit cumbersome and with V2 we have removed the concept of the verification_id. Now, when you create a user, we will return their user_id and mark the user as unverified. When a user is unverified, you can perform a limited number of actions - sending them money through a transfer, creating a Flow to verify them, or a creating a Payout Link for them. You will not be able to add payout methods or debit money from the user until they have been verified.

Warning: The V1 user_id is not compatible with V2 endpoints and vice versa. You can retrieve the user's V2 user_id through the V1 GET user endpoint.


A transfer is a new concept in V2 which holds one or more transactions. Transfers represent any money movement operation on the Dots platform. For example, a payout transfer contains the transaction moving funds from the user to Dots as well as the fee paid by the app to Dots. Transfers now all have standardized statuses that can be used to track funds both on and off the Dots platform.

Quickbooks Integration

Connect your Quickbooks account to Dots in the app settings to automatically export transaction from Dots into your accounting software. This lets you track Venmo and PayPal payouts without any extra work!

Fixes and Improvements

  • Add a transaction_type field to the transactions endpoint
  • Fix sandbox dashboard bugs
  • Add option to charge refill fees to the app
  • Support adding Venmo handle via API
  • Support saving a default payout method via API
  • Add Cash App support to the API
  • Add OFAC list checking
  • Add CSV export for transactions
  • Add App logo to Flows
  • Improve multi-user support with better team invites
  • Improve disabled input colors across web browsers
  • Add labels to indicate prefilled fields
  • Improve Payout Link creation UX by not resetting the delivery field
  • Catch ACH failures and issue automatic refunds
  • Add withdrawal functionality to the user dashboard (
  • Improved SMS error reporting
  • Fix 1099 form for businesses
  • Add legal first and last name to 1099 form
  • Implement payout and low balance notifications for app developers
  • Fix race condition with app auto-refill
  • Implement a mobile version of the Dots Dashboard