Changelog 05

Instant Bank Transfers with RTP

Dots now supports and defaults to instant bank transfers over the Real Time Payments rail wherever possible. RTP is supported by most large financial institutions and has coverage over a majority of bank accounts. Instant bank transfers over RTP will be automatic for a payee once we have their SSN, Date of Birth, and address on file.

ID Verification with Persona

After many requests, we've added ID verification through Persona as an optional flow step that you can use to conduct additional KYC on your users without having to build this out yourself. The user will not be able to bypass the step until they have uploaded a valid government ID and have completed liveliness checks.

Flow Styling

Flows can now be customized and styled through the Flow Styling API. This will make it easier to embed Dots seamlessly into your app.

Send Payouts Page

The Create Payout Link page on the Dashboard has been replaced with a new Send Payouts page that makes it easier than ever to send payouts to new and existing payees. All you need now to send a payout is the recipients phone number and we will handle the rest. The Create Payout Link page is still available if you need the customization.

Payout Requests API

Payout Requests is Dots' payouts approval product. Previously, payees could request payouts through the payee dashboard. Now we've added the ability to create payout requests through the API. You no longer have to build out an internal tool to approve payouts and can use Dots out of the box.

Working with Unverified Users

We've made some updates to how you can interact with unverified users through the API. You can now send money to unverified users as well as create flows, payout links, and payout requests for them. The latter will automatically verify the user, opening up the rest of the API.

ACH Debits

Through the API you can now debit a user's saved bank account for payments to your platform. This endpoint require manual approval of your use case so please reach out to if you're interested!

Fixes and Improvements


  • Various UI improvements
  • Show transfers on the dashboard
  • Show V2 user_id on the user's table and profile page
  • Show Svix App ID and Integration Key
  • Fix user's transaction history


  • Save user preferences for disabling auto-payouts
  • Allow disabling auto-payouts when creating a flow
  • Redirect the Go to Dashboard button to the correct URL on sandbox


  • Add in w8-ben to the compliance endpoint
  • Add user filtering to the transfers endpoint


  • Improve QuickBooks syncing with transaction categories
  • Pass payout link metadata to the underlying objects (flow, transfer)
  • Create a transfer for app withdrawals and deposits