Connecting the Dots: Groovetime

Payouts from record labels and artists to creators

Groovetime is a marketing platform for record labels, a gamified entertainment app for consumers, and a channel dance creators use to monetize their intellectual property. The app teaches users in over 100 countries the latest dance moves and helps them practice dance choreographies. On the back end, Groovetime recruits, onboards, and facilitates relationships between creators, music producers, and directors, and pays creators for their content.

“Automatic and seamless payouts create a sense of professionalism. Creators trust that if we say we’re going to pay them, they get paid. That trust is a bigger currency than money.”  —Kwasi Ohene-Adu, Founder and CEO, Groovetime

Turnkey disbursements API

Groovetime uses the Dots API to push payments to creators who choreograph for dance challenge campaigns sponsored by record labels and artists. It took one developer just over two weeks to go live with Dots’ API v. 1.0 and it took them less than a week to go live with API v. 2.0 after Groovetime switched back to Dots from web3. Groovetime’s developers appreciate Dots’ well-documented API and the ability to control the payments experience as much or as little as they want.

“There are more and more endpoints for payouts, particularly international. To know that creators have choices and I don’t have to think about the endpoints is a big deal.”  — Ohene-Adu

Embedded global payouts

Groovetime wanted a payments tool that would have as much international integration as possible. Dots enables Groovetime to pay users locally in one of more than 150 global currencies through users’ payout method of choice, which they pick contextually in an experience native to the Groovetime app. Using Dots, Groovetime has paid out to creators based across the world — many in the US, but also Canada, Australia, and parts of Western Europe. Groovetime expects to go live soon with payouts to creators in the UK.

“We ask our creators how they like to get paid. We look at their country and tell them. They’re not thinking of Dots, they’re thinking of the different ways we can pay them.” — Ohene-Adu

An experience that builds trust

Groovetime sometimes struggles to recruit creator talent because creators worry about being scammed. Groovetime embeds Dots’  hassle-free, instant payments experience to build trust with creators. Dots replaces the bad experience creators often have getting paid by brands, prevents payment scams, and ensures timely, seamless payouts to creators’ endpoints of choice. Once creators set up their account and pick their endpoint, the smooth, consistent payments enabled by the Dots API show creators that Groovetime is trustworthy to transact with.

“People want to dance. Creators want to make money. We sit in the middle of that…I see Dots as a really strong relationship-building tool.”  — Ohene-Adu