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Zelle is a relatively new instant pay service revolutionizing how people send and receive money. While it’s not as established as other payment processors, Zelle has already positively impacted freelance gig workers, independent contractors, marketplace sellers, and others. The digital payment network is the brainchild of many major financial institutions, serving as a quicker way to get money into bank accounts without the days-long wait.

Integrating with Zelle through Dots can significantly improve how your users get paid. Traditional bank transfers take a notoriously long time. In the age of instant Internet gratification, waiting up to a week to see money in a bank account is unacceptable. People want fast results, and services like Zelle deliver on all fronts. But the service is only helpful if your business takes advantage of it too. With full integration, your users see their hard-earned money in minutes, not days.

The Dots API simplifies sending payments through Zelle, helping you take full advantage of this service without confusing workarounds or lengthy money flow processes. It makes sending money accessible, lifting limitations and giving you the power to get money into the hands of your faithful users faster than ever. Make the most of everything Zelle has to offer and keep your users happy.

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How Does It Work?

Dots is a must-have solution that can transform how you manage money and send payments. Right now, you might have a lengthy process that involves manual input and tons of mistake-prone accounting. Even with modern software, there’s much to desire in terms of efficiency. Plus, there’s the issue of implementation. Using platforms like Zelle usually requires complex coding. Every payment service provider has established restrictions, limitations, and unique ways of handling payments. Zelle is no different.

But here’s where the Dots API swoops in to save the day! Dots removes those limitations, allowing you to use Zelle for greater flexibility. It unifies all your payment systems into one platform, creating a friction-free way to pay your users. Our API handles the logistics, eliminating the need to create specialized workflows for every payment processor you use. Dots manages Zelle payments effortlessly, allowing you to focus on other business areas. It reduces the strain on development resources, simplifies payment operations, and keeps everyone happy.

But how does it work?

There are several ways to use Dots, and your chosen method depends on your needs. If you want to make one-off or periodic payments to independent contractors, influencers, and other non-employee users, our payout dashboard has you covered. Enter the payment information, send alert emails, and invite users to Zelle. Once they accept the invitation in the email and provide all the necessary know your customer (KYC) information, they’ll have their money in no time.

For regular payments, the Dots API is the way to go. Dots makes onboarding much more manageable than other platforms. Our API sets new recipients up in minutes, guiding them through every step to minimize confusion. Dots asks for all the necessary tax information and requests for identifying data to comply with all anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. We even compare that information to global watch lists, protecting your business.

Your users have all the versatility they need to get paid on their terms. They can use Zelle to quickly get money into their bank accounts or rely on another integrated service provider. Either way, sending payouts is straightforward on your end. After connecting the Dots API to your accounting software and banking information, processing payments requires little manual intervention. It happens automatically, freeing up your time and resources while ensuring everyone gets what they’re owed.

Send Payouts

The beauty of integrating Zelle with Dots is that it provides a quick and secure way to get money from one bank account to another. Many financial institutions use Zelle to eliminate the multi-day waiting period for bank transfers. It’s an instant-pay service that gives people access to their money within minutes. Think of it like direct deposit, but instead of facilitating the payout days in advance to get money into accounts by a specific date, Zelle completes the transfer in mere minutes.

With Dots, you can make things even more accessible for all parties involved. For users, Dots presents choices. It opens up options for how people get their money, lifting restrictions and providing far more possibilities than the usual bank transfers or debit card deposits. Dots even has a digital wallet, allowing users to store their credit in a secure fund until they’re ready to take advantage of Zelle to put it in their bank.

For developers and businesses, Dots is the ultimate payment management solution. You can send money with a few clicks, automate regular payments on a rolling schedule, and more. It’s a way to harness the many payment options available without layers of confusing digital infrastructure. The Dots API handles the challenging aspects of payouts so that you don’t have to.

Minimal Code Required

Don’t worry: There’s no need for a complete code overhaul to use Zelle. The Dots API requires minimal coding. Integration takes only 10 minutes to start, which is a far cry from other payment alternatives. Even with that short integration time, the impact is enormous.

Dots can open up a world of payment possibilities, making your platform accessible to more people. It’s about providing options, simplifying how people get their hard-earned money, and keeping everyone happy and productive.

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Ready to take your payments to new heights? Dots is prepared to change how you send payments. The Dots API can simplify many of the more challenging aspects of paying independent contractors, influencers, marketplace sellers, and others. It gives your users the options they need, collects necessary KYC data, and provides a more secure way to move money.

Whether you want to integrate with Zelle or use other payment rails to expand your reach even further, Dots is the way to do it. Check out the API for yourself by giving us a call to schedule a Dots demo. You won’t regret it!


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