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Are you looking for a reliable credit card processing service to help power your marketplace? Dots is your solution.

The Dots platform is equipped with powerful features, an intuitive interface, and comprehensive security. These are just some of the reasons Dots is the best credit card processing service for marketplaces.

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Credit Card Processing

Dots is a comprehensive, easy-to-use credit card processing service. Our platform is flexible and can be tailored to fit the needs of your marketplace. Use Dots to accept payments from anywhere in the world and process from major card companies like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and more. With Dots, you can securely process these payments on your marketplace and add these payment rails in just minutes.

When choosing a credit card processing service, it’s essential to consider the needs of your marketplace. Consider the volume of transactions your merchants handle, how many merchants you work with, and the features you need from a credit card processing service to make implementation worthwhile. The ideal solution would offer you comprehensive features, automated processes, top-class security, and easy implementation. Dots is that solution.

Our minimal code solution allows you to easily integrate Dots into your current payment processing infrastructure or build an entirely new infrastructure using Dots workflows. Our platform automates all the complicated aspects of credit card processing, allowing you to offer more payment options and maximize revenue while worrying less about the details. Dots is also equipped with security and compliance measures to keep you, your merchants, and your customers protected.

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    Global Payments

    Dots allows you to accept and send payments across borders with ease. The Dots payment platform can accept over 100 currencies, automate currency conversion and localize it to the merchant’s country. Your merchants will be able to easily open up their offerings to a global market, to maximize your revenue. Dots is also compliant with global banking regulations, so your payments can be handled securely and accurately.

    Dots is also a unified API, allowing you to process multiple payment options globally. Dots will automatically convert currency and process payments for credit cards, ACH transfers, and more. You can see all of your payment workflows right from our convenient dashboard and adjust them as necessary.

    There's no need to overcomplicate your payment processing workflows when you’re looking to expand worldwide. No matter where your customers and merchants are located, Dots has you covered.

    Streamlined Onboarding

    Dots offers marketplaces a quick and easy way to get their credit card processing up and running. With the streamlined onboarding process, merchants can quickly set up an account and start processing payments in minutes. The entire onboarding process can be done online, without having to wait for paperwork or physical documents. Dots will also automatically send the necessary documents to ensure you remain compliant. This allows merchants to start accepting payments right away without any delays

    Dots has an intuitive interface that makes onboarding as seamless as possible. The process is simple enough that merchants can get set up themselves without any assistance. The platform walks users through each step of the onboarding process, providing helpful tips along the way to ensure they're getting everything set up properly. This makes the process easier to understand and helps merchants get their accounts up and running faster.

    Comprehensive Security and Compliance

    When it comes to credit card processing, security is a top priority. Dots offers comprehensive security and unparalleled protection for your marketplace. Our payment processing platform is encrypted and has advanced fraud detection and prevention features to protect your merchants and their customers.

    Dots is also compliant with all applicable banking regulations. With Dots, compliance with regulations like PCI DSS is automated, giving you and your merchants peace of mind. Dots also takes care of global compliance measures, so you’re protected no matter where you do business. Global transactions can also sometimes be more prone to fraud, which can be curbed with Dots’ automated fraud protection and prevention.

    Our comprehensive security and compliance measures make accepting credit card payments as secure and painless as possible. You can rest assured knowing transactions and sensitive financial data are always safe and secure.

    Managed Tax Information Collection And Verification

    Marketplaces need to collect and verify tax information from merchants to remain compliant and avoid issues come tax season. Dots automates all of your tax information collection and verification for you. Dots will ensure the proper forms are sent out, filled out, and added to your records. This saves you time and headaches, while also making the tax process more seamless for your merchants.

    Merchants will be provided with a secure portal where they can fill out these forms and update their tax information. You can also download your full tax reports and tax information from your merchants whenever you need to.

    With Dots, you have a reliable and comprehensive solution for managing tax information collection and verification. This ensures that you are in compliance with the law and that you always have your taxes in order.

    One Centralized Dashboard

    Dots offers a comprehensive, centralized dashboard for monitoring and managing your marketplace payment workflows. This allows you to quickly and easily access all of your payment processing information from one place. You can view payments in real-time, track payments, and export reports in a variety of formats.

    The dashboard also provides you with an easy way to manage disputes, refunds, and chargebacks. You can also easily integrate it with your other systems and applications, allowing you to make quick changes without leaving the platform.

    The Dots centralized dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all credit card payment processing and merchant information in one place. With our comprehensive security and compliance measures, customer support, streamlined onboarding process, and frictionless payment API, you can trust that your credit card processing needs are in good hands.


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